Company Information

Ensemble Technology Development Limited (former name “Ensemble Services Company”) was founded in 1991 and has grown from humble origins to become a thriving IT Consultancy offering a complete one-stop solution and tailor-made application to the SME Market.

Here at Ensemble we like to do things differently … but for the better! When we first began in business for ourselves, we started out with a simple premise: ?that we should aim to provide a better quality service in both IT Support and Application Development than our competitors.

How? ?Simply by utilising our inherent understanding of these industries and by drawing on extensive experience in IT and Risk Management.

Putting Customers First

Started by two experienced IT Professionals, we began with this simple belief: that “we can do better than the rest”. What’s more, two of our number had not only worked as consultants previously, but also as IT Managers; so we realised the key to our future success would be through looking after our customers the way we wanted to be looked after when we had been customers ourselves.

We decided we’d think from the customers’ perspectives, and that we’d treat all our clients with the same basic quality level of service, rather than inventing a “pecking order” – an attitude we’d found frustrating at previous companies we’d worked for.

As well as putting customers first, we chose to apply pure change management principles to IT and development projects, and in so doing, we soon found we could deliver a better quality of service for our clients, on time and on budget.