Software Development

Many people believe that writing software is challenging but, with careful planning, it is no more difficulties.

Whether for web applications or office-based systems, successful software development requires a strong understanding of what the intended application needs to be able to do, as well as how and where the software will be used.

Once this information has been decided, it becomes clear what programming languages, database engines and platforms are suitable for development and implementation.

Creating a Software Product That Fits Your Needs

At Ensemble, whether we’re building web applications, office databases or any other type of bespoke software, our programmers employ a standard project development process which consists of the following milestones:-

  • Application specification
  • Software development and prototyping
  • Testing
  • Customer acceptance testing
  • Implementation

Before our software developers begin programming, we prepare an application specification document which defines the requirements of the software and the languages, database engine and platforms which will be used. This document is designed to clearly communicate the intended functionality to both the client and software developers. It also forms the basis for testing to ensure that the requirements have been fulfilled.